VEMHA is Changing The Way We Communicate.

Posted by Valley East Minor Hockey Association on Feb 23 2016 at 10:08AM PST in 2015/2016

VEMHA Is Changing The Way We Communicate .

You will be receiving an email shortly because you are or have a player(s) registered with the VEMHA.
In an attempt to update our communication with you, we are using a new system.

You have the option to subscribe/unsubscribe at any time. We will only be sending out email notifications which concern our entire membership. Examples include registration dates/times and new programs being introduced. We hope this will be a better form of distributing information. If you do not receive this email please let Stacy Cretzman know so she can add you to the list. Please make sure to check your “junk” folder and add us to your safe sender list.


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